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Genuine Scion xA Satellite Radios

5 Satellite Radios found

  • Scion xA Satellite Radio, SIRIUS, Fit Kit - PTS31-00051-AA
    Genuine Toyota Satellite Radio, SIRIUS, Fit Kit

    Part Number: PTS31-00051-AA

    • This is the mounting kit required for a complete install.Does NOT include the tuner assembly?
    • Kit Contains:
    • Antenna bag
    • Template
    • Bracket
    • Hardware bags
    • Owner's manual
    • Functioning Satellite Radio requires a compatible receiver and monthly service fee. See your dealer for further details. Reception of the satellite signal may vary depending on location. All fees and programming subject to change
    Your Price: $89.25
    Retail Price: $100.00
    You Save: $10.75
  • Scion xA XM Receiver Cover - PT218-52071
    Genuine Toyota XM Receiver Cover

    Part Number: PT218-52071

    • Ensures Scion and Toyota owners can listen to what they want, when they want, while helping ensure preferred stations remain available in almost any location in the country
    • Satellite radio controls integrated into vehicle audio head unit
    • Eliminates inconvenience of having to search for new stations when driving long distances
    • Further enhances ownership experience through increased comfort and convenience
    • With over 170 channels, SiriusXMTM brings you more of what you love—commercial-free music plus all of your favorite sports, exclusive talk, entertainment, and a selection of premium programming.
    • Subscription required at additional cost
    Your Price: $20.57
  • Scion xA XM Satellite Radio - PT546-52040
    Genuine Toyota XM Satellite Radio

    Part Number: PT546-52040

    • A simple push of the "SAT" button on the head unit connects you to satellite radio. XM Satellite Radio allows you to listen to what you want. XM offers convenient access to a nationwide network of over 150 digital channels of 100% commercial free music, news, sports, and traffic. Satellite radio controls are integrated into vehicle's audio head unit for ease of use. XM subscription required.
    • Check with your Dealer for a complete list of items required for a successful installation.A Fit Kit may be required for your vehicle.
    • Check with your Dealer for a complete list of available features and required hardware and subscription cost.
    Replaced by: PT546-52061
    Your Price: $36.30
    Retail Price: $100.00
    You Save: $63.70
  • Scion xA Satellite Radio, XM Fit Kit - PT546-52061
    Your Price: $36.30
    Retail Price: $100.00
    You Save: $63.70
  • Scion xA Satellite Radio - PT903-52040
    Genuine Toyota Satellite Radio

    Part Number: PT903-52040

    Replaced by: PT218-52071
    Your Price: $20.57