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Genuine Toyota Highlander Ashtray Kits

2 Ashtray Kits found

  • Toyota Highlander Coin Holder/Ashtray Cup - 74101-AE010
    Genuine Toyota Coin Holder/Ashtray Cup

    Part Number:74101-AE010

    • Self-contained unit with hinged lid helps minimize odors and prevents flyaway ash
    • Features a durable cup that fits snugly inside the cupholder of the vehicle
    • Easy to empty and clean
    • Able to hold loose change

    Product Specifications

    • Lighter:Without Lighter
    • Retainer Clip:With Retainer Clip
    Your Price: $15.73
    Retail Price: $17.00
    You Save: $1.27
  • Toyota Highlander Coin Holder / Ashtray Cup - 74102-02140
    Genuine Toyota Coin Holder / Ashtray Cup

    Part Number:74102-02140

    • Fits snugly inside thecupholder
    • Hinged lid helps minimizeodors and flyaway ash
    • Easy to empty and clean
    • Holds loose change
    Your Price: $15.73
    Retail Price: $17.00
    You Save: $1.27