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About Scion iQ

Exclusively for the North American market, Scion iQ was produced by a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation from 2012 to 2015 as a small city car. Originally introduced to meet the needs of city people who live in crowded city without much space for parking, iQ only takes up as much as absolutely necessary for a four-seat vehicle. "iQ" in its name derives from an initialism of the term intelligence quotient and stands for "individuality", "innovation", and "quality". Unfortunately, the production of this model ended in December 2015 though it was named the Japanese Car of the Year in 2008. 
This model made its debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show as a concept car and was officially unveiled at the March 2008 Geneva Auto Show as a subcompact hatchback. It came with two trim levels: base and 10 Series. iQ is noted for its specialized engineering to maximize passenger space while minimizing exterior length, thus, it could accommodate three passengers easily. Equipped with many standard features such as full power accessories, air conditioning, a leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel with audio controls Bluetooth phone, audio connectivity, and some safety equipment such as nine airbags, dual frontal airbags and so on, it was powered by a 1.3 L inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 94 horsepower and this engine sent power through a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Scion iQ Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Offering an impressive amount of space, a decent ride and plenty of standard features, Scion iQ makes it plain that minimal size needn't equate to minimal refinement. Thus, it is very suitable for urban dwellers needs. However, for a wise driver, you still have to be careful about these common problems on the car: 
First, hesitates at acceleration is the most reported issue with the car according to the data from car repair statistics site This is obviously an engine issue that could influence the overall quality of the vehicle. According to the drivers, after a while of driving, the engine starts to make metallic sounds and performs worse than before so that it may misfire, stall or even suffer from starting issues. If you notice a decrease in power while driving and fuel economy and the overheating deteriorates all these symptoms even activates the Check Engine Light, then please inspect the oil filter, air filter, fuel pump, spark plug, oxygen sensor and water pump immediately. 
Second, I believe no driver will ignore the braking failure since it decides if the driving trip will be safe and sound or not. For Scion drivers, the well-functioning braking system is also vitally important. But some Scion drivers complained that as the accumulation of mileage, the brakes would become super noisy and poorly responded, the brake pedal also becomes pulsating while depressing. And if you are careful enough, you may also find score marks covered on the brake rotor. Thus, please make sure the brake shoe set, brake pad set, brake disc and brake drum work properly all the time before driving. 
To sustain your Scion iQ's overall superior quality, routine maintenance is indispensable. For Scion drivers, knowing what parts need routine maintenance is better. The headlight is responsible for lighting up the road ahead and also working as a sign of indicating your presence to other drivers and pedestrians on the road, but due to working under harsh conditions and vulnerable constituent materials, you had better maintain it routinely. Cabin air filter works as a health guard to filter contaminations in the air and vent fresh air into the compartment so that occupants with respiratory diseases won't face with the risk of getting allergic. Both of them should be on your routine maintenance list. 
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