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Scion: Evolution of Cars and Culture

Scion, as a demised brand, was an automotive division of Toyota. Founded by the Andrew Gilleland on June 9, 2003, Scion was designed as an extension of Toyota's effort to appeal towards young customers. Unique cars should be designed for a new generation of individuals. Featured sports compact cars, Scion offered a wide range of factory and aftermarket options for buyers to choose from and enable customers to personalize and custom their vehicles. "Scion" as a name means the descendant of a family or heir, which implies the Scion also could offer all the quality and reliability that you would expect from a marque with its parentage. As the result of the 1999 Project Genesis, Scion targeted at a very youthful demographic in the United States, but due to low sales, the brand was phased out after the 2016 model year, some models were rebranded and some discontinued.

Driving Towards the Future

As the marque of Toyota after all, Scion though had experienced lots of tough times during development, it did make a difference in the industry. First of all, it is continuously pushing the boundaries to come up with innovations that will rival mainstream car brands, which starts the age of personalized cars. Then, Scion also adopted unique brand-new distribution system, which enables customers to experience the personalized purchasing procedures and purchase the completely distinctive personalized vehicle. Meanwhile, it also used unique marketing policies to attract young people's attention. The first is the "Pure Price" which means the price seen by customers on posters or in an advertisement or on a menu display board in the dealership is the actual price needed. The second one is that Scion offers lots of accessories and sells individually, which means young customers can choose any accessories to decorate their car without any fit problem and show their own personalities. For young car owners, the exceptional audio system is the indispensable part in the vehicle as it not only makes music listening available while driving at any time but also lets them enjoy a relaxing driving environment. The BeSpoke Premium Audio System for all 2013 models allows drivers to access various personalized content services such as social networking sites, routing maps, internet audio, and POI search. Sound Processing featured in BeSpoke also optimizes this experience.

Popular Models

In June 2003, the first two Scion vehicles, the xA and xB were available for the 2004 model year in the California market first then the nationwide. Both vehicles are subcompact or compact and gained a reputation as a sensible vehicle with premium build quality. The xB even was on the Car and Driver Magazine's Top Ten Safe List as Scion's most popular model in the United States. But after a two-generation production run, it was eventually replaced by the Scion iM, which is a compact car that was produced for only two years. But thanks to its features of a comfortable and composed ride, supportive seats and free scheduled maintenance, iM is always a compelling choice for car enthusiasts. xD, as the replacement of xA, was produced for seven years as a subcompact vehicle and was the most reliable automobile for 2009 in the United States according to Consumer Reports. FR-S was inspired by the Toyota Corolla GT-S sport coupe and was rebranded as Toyota 86 when the Scion brand demised in 2016 though it won Best Affordable Sports Car and Car and Driver Magazine's Top Ten Best Cars. iA was also renamed as Toyota Yaris iA after August 2016, iQ ended production in December 2015 as a small city car though it was named the Japanese Car of the Year in 2008, and tC was replaced by the Toyota 86 as a sport compact car.

Scion Parts

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