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  • Why is there a InfoNotice on my front door, and I don't see my package?
    An InfoNotice will be left on your front door when the driver fails to deliver your package since the customer is not available.
    This notice provides important details about your package and you should follow the shipping carrier's instructions to complete delivery or to claim your package.
  • A notice about my order by the shipping company was left on my front door. What does the notice mean?
    The notice means that the shipping carrier attempts to deliver your package, but it failed for some reasons. Therefore, a notice is left on your door for your attention, and it includes details to help you complete the delivery process.

    *If the package delivery requires a signature, refer to boxes checked by your UPS or FedEx driver on the notice.

    *If the driver left your package at another location, your UPS or FedEx notice will indicate where the package was left (For example: your garage or back porch).
  • What is the purpose of the barcode and barcode number printed on the InfoNotice?
    The barcode on your InfoNotice provides you with fast access to your package delivery details. By entering the number on the shipping carrier's official website, you can track your package(s) and receive more details about future delivery attempts for your package(s).

    UPS : 1-800-742-5877; and
    FedEx : 1-800-463-3339; and
    USPS : 1-800-275-8777; and
  • I failed to take the package during the first delivery attempt. The carrier left me a notice, will the carrier attempt to deliver again?
    A total of 3 delivery attempts will be made by shipping carriers, and you will be informed the next delivery time on the UPS notice.

    Note: USPS/UPS/FedEx does not deliver packages on Sunday or holidays. UPS also does not deliver on Saturday.