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About Toyota 86

The stylish Toyota 86 sports car was jointly engineered by Subaru and Toyota. The 86 has been produced from 2012 until the present. The 86's engine is a naturally aspirated engine that utilizes Subaru's flat-four engine design. Subaru sells its own version of the 86 known as the BRZ. The Toyota 86 is a properly set up rear-drive sports car designed for the enthusiast who knows about understeer and oversteer and wants to put both to use. The steering is well-weighted, and the handling is a bit smoother than its Subaru BRZ variant.
With attitude to match its incredible ability, the Toyota 86's sleek aerodynamic exterior shape includes new LED headlamps and a unique front grille. The 86's lightweight structure, low center of gravity and responsive 2.0-litre engine make the 86 an enjoyable ride. The comfortable, top quality interior cabin balances the thrilling driving dynamics, providing the sports cabin a one of a kind premium look. Competitors don't come close to The Toyota 86's everyday usability and functionality. The TRD Special Edition is a new model that joins 2019 86 lineup. It's comes equipped with a ton of standard equipment and is available in black with a black and red interior. Some of the extra features include push-button start, Brembo brakes, sport suspension, and performance exhaust system. There's also a mid-range GT model that will come with different options.

Toyota 86 Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

The Toyota 86 is a great vehicle but in some ways, it does have issues just like every other car. Here are some of the reported issues raised by Toyota 86 owners.
There is a report that the key may be removed when the vehicle is not in the park on some 2017 Toyota 86's built from July 1, 2016 through August 11, 2016. There's a possibility that the ignition key can be removed without the vehicle being in the "P" or parked position. This issue can cause the car to roll away raising the risk of an accident or collision and causing injuries. Visit your local dealer if you are going through this experience.
Safety advocates are reporting issues with valve springs. The reported valve spring problem can stall the vehicle's engine. Complaints are arising from vehicle owners of Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S models. One affected vehicle owner stated that he followed procedure and had his engine's valve spring corrected at a local dealer. Six days after he took delivery of his car, his vehicle's engine shut down on the road. Consult with your local dealer if you are experiencing this issue with your vehicle.
Toyota 86 owners have reported that condensation had formed in the rear tail lamps. In very rare occasions does water or condensation form inside of a rear taillamp, but it does occur sometimes. The water inside of a rear tail light can wear out the light or burn the bulb whether it's due to a damaged seal or a fracture in the tail lamp itself. Consult with a local mechanic or technician to complete a corrective action if you have this issue with your vehicle.
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