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About Toyota Corolla

Known as the best-selling car in automotive history, Toyota Corolla has been produced by a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation since 1966 as a subcompact or compact car. Originally introduced to replace the Toyota Publica, "Corolla" in its name derives from a Latin word meaning "small crown". During its long history, Toyota Corolla even surpassed Volkswagen Beetle and became the best-selling nameplate in the world, which lay the foundation of brand awareness. Now, Corolla is in its eleventh generation. 
The tenth-generation Toyota Corolla was produced from October 2006 to May 2012 under the chassis designation code "E140/E150". The North American version was unveiled at the 2007 SEMA show in Las Vegas and went on sale in January 2008 as a 2009 model. It came with five trim levels: Standard, S, LE, XLE and XRS in the United States and four trim levels: CE, LE, Sport (or S) and XRS in Canada. During this period, Toyota Corolla was powered by either a 2.4 L or a 1.8 L I4 engine coupled with the 5-speed manual, 4-speed and 5-speed automatic transmissions. The current generation starts its journey in North America in 2013 and comes with four trim levels: L, LE, LE Eco and S as well as a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Now, the Corolla gets power from two 1.8 L I4 engines and engines send power through 4-speed automatic, 6-speed manual or Continuously Variable Transmissions.

Toyota Corolla Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Earning a reputation for small, inexpensive, fuel-efficient and reliable, the Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice for smart consumers on a budget. But if you want your vehicle to last a long time, diagnosing and solving these common problems on it could be an effective way: 
First, the engine uses excessive oil is the worst reported problem with the vehicle according to the information from online car repair statistics site Boasting as a fuel-efficient car, this issue should not have appeared unless the engine has something wrong. According to some experienced drivers, this issue often appears when the vehicle reaches about 100,000 miles. At first, the engine only gives out some metallic sounds, then it misfires, stalls and even has difficulty in starting. The engine performance is sure to reduce as well as the fuel economy. But replacing the spark plug, oil filter, air filter, drive belt, oxygen sensor and ignition coil often could solve this issue. 
Second, braking and suspension failures are also the troublesome issues on the Toyota Corolla. The significance of braking system is obvious so that drives notice the brakes make noisy sounds and respond poorly when being depressed easily, not to mention the pulsating brake pedal and score marked rotors. The brake pad set, brake disc, brake shoe set and brake drum are often the culprits. As for the suspension failure, you can inspect the strut housing, wheel bearing, coil spring insulator, shock and strut mount and sway bar link thoroughly to confirm which one goes wrong. 
If you want to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving trip in your vehicle, routine maintenance on some vulnerable parts could help you make this come true. Because some parts are bound to be short-lived due to components and working conditions. For example, the seat belt is often comprised of resilient nylon, which could be broken after long-term stretch. And it plays an important role in making sure your life safety in sudden movement. Thus, once the pretensioner is activated, the change is a must. Other parts such as door handle, headlight, wheel seal, cabin air filter and fog light bulb and so on are also essential for a pleasant driving, please make sure they are on your routine maintenance list as well. 
A long lasting Toyota Corolla needs OEM Toyota Corolla parts and accessories as they fit the vehicle perfectly and keep your vehicle in prime condition. At, you can easily find the lowest-priced genuine Toyota Corolla parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty. Also, our original Toyota Corolla accessories are guaranteed to be high quality, durable and reliable. We offer a no hassle return policy and the fastest delivery possible.