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About Toyota Previa

Also known as the Toyota Estima in Japan and Toyota Tarago in Australia, Toyota Previa has been produced by a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation since 1990 as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) but available in North America only from 1990 to 1997 as a minivan successor to the Toyota Van. "Previa" in its name derives from the Spanish and Italian word, meaning "Preview". As the second largest minivan in Toyota's lineup, Previa had only been manufactured for one generation before being replaced by the Toyota Sienna in the North American market.
Toyota Previa made its debut in the United States in March 1990 for the 1991 model year as an import minivan from Japan to compete against Dodge Caravan minivan, Chrysler Town and Country and Plymouth Voyager. It featured a single sliding door and seven-passenger capacity in a space-age egg shape. Due to it retained the mid-engine design from Toyota Van, Previa did not have enough space to incorporate a larger engine, which became one of its drawbacks. But its spacious interior space is an advantage over its competitors. It was equipped with a Supplemental Accessory Driveshaft System called SADA, also known as the SAD shaft. During its lifetime, Toyota Previa was initially powered by a 2.4 L inline 4-cylinder engine rated at 138 horsepower then it could output 161 horsepower by adding a supercharger. This engine sent power through either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission to rear wheels or four wheels.

Toyota Previa Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting spacious interior space for cargo and passengers, Toyota Previa is a solid choice for people who want to buy a minivan priced low but with enough space. But still you need to be prepared in advance for these common problems on your Previa:
First, engine failure is an issue that Toyota Previa drivers do not want to meet but definitely will meet sooner or later. According to the data at the online car repair statistics site, this issue often emerges when the vehicle reached about 100,000 miles. Based on some Toyota Previa drivers' experience, there are recognizable signs to diagnose the problem. First of all, there will be squealing noises coming from the front of the vehicle, then coolant leaks out, engine runs roughly and keeps at a high operating temperature. Before it suffers from starting issues and performance issues, the Low Coolant Light and Check Engine Light will come on to warn you of inspecting the Previa spark plug, drive belt, idle control valve, oil filter, crankshaft pulley, throttle body gasket and thermostat gasket.
Second, issues on suspension and steering system with the Toyota Previa also pose potential dangers while driving. According to Toyota Previa drivers, though the suspension failure only causes grinding noises while turning, if left unattended, the tire wear will become uneven and excessive and vehicle tilts to one side. Combined with the bouncing while driving and sluggish response in handling, driving safety will be threatened. Under such conditions, you had better make sure the Previa coil springs and coil spring insulator work properly before driving. As for steering failure, Previa steering column cover and power steering hose need your extra attention.
As for a Toyota Previa keeping at the prime condition for a long time, routine maintenance must be an indispensable part of effectively lengthening its lifespan. You should know some auto parts are destined to be more vulnerable than others due to constitutional materials and working conditions. Thus, in Previa, you had better put wiper blade, fog light bulb, seat belt, headlight bulb, door handle, emblem and wheel seal on your routine maintenance list.
In order to make sure your Toyota Previa has a longer lifespan, please remember to choose OEM Toyota Previa auto parts for parts replacements. Simply on precise fitment and optimum performance, OEM parts are unmatchable. Much less covers a comprehensive array of lowest-priced genuine Toyota Previa auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty online. These OEM Previa parts are impeccable in quality, reliability and durability and even though you do not need them after receiving them at your door step in the shortest time after ordering, you are allowed to return them without a hassle. Thus, start your shopping now!