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Popular Genuine Toyota RAV4 Parts

  • Shock Absorber

    Toyota RAV4
    Shock Absorber

  • Seat Belt

    Toyota RAV4
    Seat Belt

  • Windshield Wiper

    Toyota RAV4
    Windshield Wiper

  • Wiper Blade

    Toyota RAV4
    Wiper Blade

  • Ignition Switch

    Toyota RAV4
    Ignition Switch

  • Fuel Pump

    Toyota RAV4
    Fuel Pump

  • Instrument Cluster

    Toyota RAV4
    Instrument Cluster

  • Headlight

    Toyota RAV4

  • Spark Plug

    Toyota RAV4
    Spark Plug

  • Steering Wheel

    Toyota RAV4
    Steering Wheel

  • Oil Filter

    Toyota RAV4
    Oil Filter

  • Oxygen Sensor

    Toyota RAV4
    Oxygen Sensor

  • Wheel Cover

    Toyota RAV4
    Wheel Cover

  • Door Handle

    Toyota RAV4
    Door Handle

  • Engine Control Module

    Toyota RAV4
    Engine Control Module

  • Power Steering Pump

    Toyota RAV4
    Power Steering Pump

  • Brake Disc

    Toyota RAV4
    Brake Disc

  • Water Pump

    Toyota RAV4
    Water Pump

  • Fog Light Bulb

    Toyota RAV4
    Fog Light Bulb

  • Door Lock

    Toyota RAV4
    Door Lock

About Toyota RAV4

Belonging to one of the original car-based small SUVs in the United States, Toyota RAV4 has been produced by a renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation since 1994 as a compact crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The long wheel-based Toyota RAV4 was introduced to North America as the counterpart of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. As the first entries in the small crossover SUV market, Toyota RAV4 has gained a big sales success and has been manufactured through four generations till now. During its long lifetime, it has been insisting on every versatility, good fuel economy and favorable on-road manners.
The third-generation Toyota RAV4 was produced from November 2005 to December 2012 for export use and made its debut at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. It came with trim levels such as base CV, Cruiser and Sport and so on. Back then, Toyota RAV4 was powered by 2.4 L inline-four, 3.5 L V6 and a 2.5 L inline-four replaced the 2.4 L in 2009. Engines sent power through either 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission. Current generation Toyota RAV4 was unveiled at the November 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show and sales began in U.S. in January 2013. Trim levels stay the same but it only got one engine option - the 2.5 L inline 4-cylinder engine and power is sent through a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota RAV4 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Toyota RAV4 is very suitable for family use due to its considerable passenger room and cargo space as well as most of the features and conveniences in any modern crossover. Even so, you still be alert to these common problems on your RAV4:
First, excessive oil consumption ranks first among all other problems with the Toyota RAV4 according to the car repair statistics site And this is only the beginning for a vehicle that has reached approximately 100,000 miles. Some Toyota RAV4 drivers complained only the poor fuel economy has made them waste a lot of money in fuel. And other symptoms include an annoying engine that could make metallic sounds, misfire, sputter or suffers from hard starting. The engine performance also reduces so that it could hesitate in acceleration and even trigger the Check Engine Light. Under such situations, you had better inspect the RAV4 oil filter, spark plug, air filter, oxygen sensor, ignition coil and drive belt.
Second, issues on braking, transmission and suspension systems are also very serious and tricky for Toyota RAV4 drivers. After a while of the driving, some find the brakes become noisy and poorly responded and brake pedal also pulsates when being applied to. If inspect carefully, the score marks also will be found on the rotors. All these could be attributed to the RAV4 brake pad set, brake disc and brake drum. As for transmission failure, nearly all drivers complained about the difficulty shifting, vehicle starting in another gear or not going into gear at all and they find the reason often lies on RAV4 shift cable, automatic transmission filter and transfer case seal. And if you pay more attention to the RAV4 strut housing, coil spring insulator, steering knuckle, sway bar bushing, sway bar link and wheel bearing, suspension failure may not appear.
Routine maintenance is also an effective way to keep your Toyota RAV4 away from all kinds of issues. As some auto parts are more vulnerable than others due to component materials and working conditions, thus, maintaining them routinely could not only sustain your RAV4's overall quality but also prevent some unnecessary problems. Thus, the seat belt is used for protecting occupants' safety in a collision or sudden movement; headlight, fog light and wiper blade are responsible for offering excellent driving visibility under adverse weather conditions; cabin air filter and antenna are useful in creating healthy and relaxing driving environment. All of them should be maintained on a regular basis.
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