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About Toyota Yaris iA

The Toyota Yaris iA is the new title for the model formerly known as the Scion iA. This change took place in 2017. The Yaris iA is one of the 3 former Scion vehicles that have joined the Toyota line. The Toyota Yaris iA is a four door sedan offers a pleasant and nimble drive. The Yaris iA is based on a vehicle that is not offered in the United States, the Mazda2. An updated model of the Yaris iA became available in the fall of 2018 and will be simply known as the Yaris sedan.
The Toyota Yaris sedan officially drops the iA name and adds a few trim levels. The Yaris is one of the tougher, better-looking vehicles in this small class. The Toyota Yaris sedan drives well with a tight chassis and excellent steering. The Yaris sedan is fun-to-drive, stylish and a good bargain. The direct injection 1.5 liter engine on the Yaris provides plenty of performance. The Yaris is manufactured for your active lifestyle. When combined with the 6 speed automatic transmission, it provides an EPA estimated 32 city mpg and 40 mpg highway. The Toyota Yaris delivers the correct mix of fun and efficiency either way. Overall, the Yaris sedan is a very good small vehicle with a good looking silhouette and a better than expected interior cabin with a very comfortable driving position.

Toyota Yaris iA Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

Find common problems, complaints and more. Learn what other Toyota Yaris iA owners are reporting about their vehicles. You can also research consumer reports online to help you understand what common issues are being raised by others.
Complaints about the paint coming off the 2017 Toyota Yaris iA have been reported by vehicle owners. Paint failure down to the metal has been reported. The vehicle's roof seems to be where the paint failure occurs the most frequently. This potential manufacturing or quality control issue should be investigated by Toyota as requested by Yaris iA owners. Having the roof or affected area painted by a professional is the most common solution to this problem.
It has been reported that some 2017 Yaris vehicles come with a temporary or emergency spare tire that is not correctly inflated to the proper pressure and may not function as expected to raise the risk of an accident or collision. Visit your local dealer to have the spare tire inspected. The dealer will adjust the tire pressure as necessary at no cost to you. An estimated 409 potential units including other Toyota models are affected by this issue.
Yaris iA owners have reported that when moving forward from a complete stop in first gear, the vehicle seems to shudder hard when the clutch is released. Sometimes brake rotors can be the root cause of the shuddering or shaking of the vehicle. The vibration of the shaking can also be felt on the brake pedal. The good news is that this issue can be easily be fixed. Consult with your local mechanic or dealer if you are experiencing this issue.
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